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Je À Nous

I put that together all by myself with absolutely zero aid from Google Translate! Yes, you read that right; I've been learning the language enough to draft an entire sentence in French, even if it consists of three simple words.

Je à nous i.e. I to We.

So recently I got thinking, about individuals, and how distinctively different we all are; we may have hints of similarities but we are all so profoundly unique. Of course, there are several contributing factors that enhance our uniqueness but we all grow up with our own exclusive thoughts, beliefs, ideas, preferences, opinions, value get the gist, don't you?

As children, and even young adults, every casual conversation is very "I"-centric thrown around in as statements of what establishes as personal preferences/or choices, etc.

We, the I's are people of strong opinions, unafraid to take up on a debate, consumed by our fierce independence, unquestionably firm-headed, ferocious towards anything that even attempts to tamper our individuality, protective of our belief system...and the list goes on. We, the I People, sometimes, are never able to let that go.

We, the I People, don't really understand The We People.

I mean, The We's are all about compromise and collaborations, soft-spoken mutually agreeable discussions, completing each other's thoughts, meeting the others halfway, adjusting to whims and quirks of others, soft-hearted and easily convincible, even sacrificing their desires perhaps for The Greater We, and quite unbearably submissive. Minimal or no heat conflicts, let alone arguments.

How are they so casually unconcerned with their unique individuality? Or do they need to be a We to have a voice?

It surely, cannot solely be for The Greater good of We, or...can it?

Further navigating and fast-forwarding to, what and how is it that the two attract each other? An I will rarely ever be attracted to an I, and vice versa. Have you noticed this? (I feel your agreeable nod, whichever of the two categories you are.)

It's safe for me to assume that we've all casually heard, seen, witnessed and might I say, even experienced the whole opposites attract narrative. I won't get down to how and why because this will convert into an endless babble, but I am diving straight into an obvious magnetism pattern here.

You know the type of pairs, where one points left, while the other points right? There's always that couple with one who always needs the AC at obnoxiously low temperatures, while the other one is layering up with hoodies to stick around in the same vicinity; or one who always wants to go out, with the other who would rather stay in.

We see a lot of times, the meticulously organized ones with the messiest creatures, the impulsive ones with the cautious ones. It isn't hard to spot one of them being the child, and the other the adult; one who prefers rollercoasters, while the other one is terrified at the mere mention of them. The wild ones with the responsible ones; one being an utterly fabulous dancer, and the other with two left feet.

The type of duos that you might have observed with one being a complete introvert, and the other, the exact contrast...scenarios where one is thankful for the glass being half full, while the other points it out to be half empty.

How do such opposites sync?

With such vast differences, opinions, interests, and preferences what sparks the alluring magnetic pull?

Could it be due to the debut of someone so far apart in mannerisms and comfort zone that is so irresistible? Or could it be, identifying features in the other that you secretly wish you had? Even possibly the feeling of continual growth because of being consistently challenged to be somewhat an inverse version of yourself? Or maybe, the trigger of feeling them completing the ferocious "I" in a comically comforting unthought-of way?

When exposed to an unfamiliar dimension, and way of life, could it be discovering a whole new uniqueness within? Does the I suddenly lose the love for their I-ness, and go seeking for more than just that what it was? Do we, the I people, suddenly notice all that was lacking within the I, and are charmed by the acquaintance of the other side of the coin?

Does this I eventually, and over time get fused into something more fabulously novel within, as "We" while they unfold with each other, creating maybe a flawlessly complete balance of Yin and Yang?

Or is as simple as amidst journeying "I" finding home in "We."

With love, musings and endless chatter,

Stories By Giggles

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