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Plant Talk

So, this year is going to the first summer with the plants. For all those that aren’t aware, I have not-so-recently become a plant parent and I absolutely love each one of them that’s come home.

My mornings begin with Naren, the coffee he makes me and me following the sun’s trail from the hall, into the balcony to see them. Almost every morning I see them with something new, good, bad, sometimes scary – but oh well, they keep mornings interesting.

The collection only grew in the winter when I saw them in full bloom and thriving – little did I realise that that was the season that they were the easiest to care for. With summer approaching us, I’ve seen a few withering away, and some just merely getting infested by those pesky summer bugs.

God, I hate them with a passion – not the plants obviously, the pests.

So, while it was painful to part ways with the plants that were a lost cause, I had to brave my way and get rid of them in order to retain the ones that have survived this far. Afterall, I’ve invested time, energy, and emotions in growing them, caring for them, watering them and all of that.

Ever since then, I routinely and daily keep a watchful eye, to see how each of them are doing, or if something pesky has decided or tried to make any of my plants their new home.

I find myself obsessed and consumed in looking for ingredients to keep them nourished but at the same time finding solutions to ensure they aren’t too delicious to avoid another infestation. There are countless remedies and combinations I have seen online. Some that look promising and some that are way too expensive. I find myself thinking about how others do it and the best would be to follow the pro tips, best practices and overpriced scale sprays.

FYI, buying plants is super reasonable – it’s maintaining them that costs a fortune. From pesticides to insecticides to repotting to fertilizing and the works – basically the aftercare.

Now this is the part that’s expensive.

In the last few months, I have often thought to myself:

· What am I doing wrong?

· How do I keep them alive?

· How are others doing this and having blossoming gardens?

· Are these plants really worth my emotional and financial investment?

· Why am I getting so attached to only watch them wither or infested?

· Why am I investing so much of myself?

· Should I simply just stop?

This morning, while I did my routine check-up and the weekly leaf-cut (i.e., a haircut for plants), and while I was saddened by removing so many yellowing leaves, dried out flowers and upset by clippings that showed signs of potential infestations, a thought stared right at me:

Sometimes, you need to pluck the damaged/infested/withered fruit, flowers, and leaves for the plant to grow stronger.

Which got me thinking - isn’t this what life is?

We change, evolve, and grow into different versions of ourselves and label it as growth, because that is essentially what we do. We cannot do that growing until we don’t let the bad stuff go – only then will growth and strength follow.

Going back to are the plants worth me investing so much of me in them?

They are absolutely worth it – they have not only bought me closer to myself and unveiled a new form of therapy but also are now actively teaching me life lessons.

If the summer and the pests that come with it allow it, I am keeping, caring for and growing them each – as best as I can.

Sometimes the answer lies in simply letting go of the bad leaves so that you can continue to grow, isn’t it?

With love, a recipe of a home-made insecticide and cracked eggshells,

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