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The Eureka Millisecond

Before you jump to presumptions, this isn't one of those pieces that advise you on how to get your creative juices flowing or a guide to get you to the eureka location. Hell no! Infact, this is an inscription to the frustration of how abrupt the eureka moment is.

I mean, think about it; there is no real process to creative thinking. The way I see it, it's either a great idea dropped on you, or it didn't; or it flashed by too fast for you to elongate on it. If it does show up, the way you steer the idea is all strategic and planned, if it flashes by it's too swift for you to even realise it, that's a pity, and if it doesn't at all...well, tough luck!

My chatter today is about the idea dropping on you, in that delicious moment where you've allowed yourself to unconsciously switch off your mind in the attempt for it to not think, following which that idea finds its voice to you and just satirically shows up!

The frustrating thing about this moment that I, personally am experiencing is that it finds its way to me during my showers. The one place, where for good reason, I don't have my phone, or pencils or lists (you get the gist) to jot them down. The people that know me, complain that my showers are too long, or I take forever to get ready.

Now, how do I explain that the process of a shower is so direly religious because that's the one time that my over-anxious-unresting mind is not thinking but just being during which, I happen to stumble upon the best of the best ideas?

Do you find that happening to you too?

I for one, while brainstorming sessions are the conventional way to go about unveiling an idea, am a believer that you end up putting way too much pressure on yourself to 'think-out-of-the-box,' in the process and hence contain yourself into that very box.

Like, I legit don't understand the idea of brainstorming. It's essentially time you take out to think creatively and churn out ideas. You are in essence forcing your mind to do instead of allowing it to be. If we have learned anything from our environment, our mind is like a child; the monkey mind.

You get stubborn with it, and it gets stubborn with you.

Going back to my place of juicing ideas - The Holy Shower. Bear in mind, this is only a result of a shower - not of a bubble bath.

So, I enter wholly empty-minded following which the minute the shower comes on, I experience a wave of ideas, each leading me to another, even more incredible, and droplet by droplet, I am lost in a chain of absolutely kosher schemes. By the end of the shower, I consciously, list the ideas mentally and walk through them a couple of times to ensure all is not lost...but to my dismay, the minute the towel has swept my skin, I somehow have wiped the ideas off my mind, too.

What a predicament to be in. I've even attempted resolving this by recording my thoughts in the shower. Tried, and failed; my mind gets stubborn with me.

So, going back, imagine my fizzle to have been exposed to all of these concepts to only have them vanish just as quickly.

Boom, eureka millisecond, and it's all gone. The swiftest case of amnesia.

Funnily enough, the next day, I've gone in to stress my mind to remember those fabulous ideas only to find myself webbed into a whole new series of ideas and wonderment of why I haven't been thinking of them through the whole day. These ideas stay with me, waltz away into a series of could do, and possibilities until the villainous towel shows up.

A few of the boldest ideas, have made it past being a shower musing but how wonderful would it be to take all of the eureka milliseconds, and put them to trial?

Does this happen to you too? Let me know, and talk to me about if you've managed to defeat the villain of your eureka millisecond?

With love, and vanished shower musings,

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