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The Prime Privilege Of Dubiety

"You're too much of a hungry woman!" they said.

"So, what's wrong with that?" she replied, almost casually.

A deafening silence followed.

"What about all of the things that you ought to be?" they questioned.

"But what of all the things that I already am?" she asked.

"Why do you always have to question all that is tried, tested and trusted? Be fierce, be indomitable...who's stopping you but can't you within the boundaries?" they urged.

"I can't, I wish I could but I simply can't...I am, afterall, too much of a hungry woman to remain contained." she replied, almost guiltily.

And there they lay, caught up in the age-old web of, to have or to not have the prime privilege of dubiety...

Who are these, 'they,' you ask?

I refer to, 'they,' as those who ask too many questions, live too stubbornly as themselves, and are relentlessly running a rebellion against the norms of society while simultaneously battling internal monster conflicts teamed with everlasting sessions of exorbitant guilt.

I also refer to, 'they,' as the ones who haven't ever been acquainted with the privilege of questioning. The ones that don't see a route other than that, that was instructed to them for them to quietly follow. The ones that don't think questioning is even an option.

Before you jump the wagon, let me stop your presumptuous mind - this isn't an endless recital against the norms of a patriarchal-driven world; it's just taking a step back to kick back, evaluate, and think.

I am aware of all of the questions that 'my kind,' i.e. women now raise, and sometimes the hunger for equality gets diluted in wanting more power than the opposite gender. This isn't about that. This isn't about equality either. I'll leave that for another day. This is purely about having the privilege to question what intrinsically feels right or not.

How is it that people live all of their lives without questioning what's being told to them? Without being introduced to the feeling of knowing that it is absolutely okay to question? How is it that people that are used to questions swiftly begin feeling guilty for questioning too much? Would life be simpler if all of the questions were silenced before they sprung up? Should it be the case for both genders, or just the presumptuously assumed submissive one?

Who would you be without having the right to make your judgments, decisions, creating your cause-reaction effects, using your rationale to tell wrong from right, and the freedom to cause your own mysterious disruption?

Who would you be without your questions? How would your life look without the decisions of your own? How would it feel to celebrate victories affected by someone else's rulings, and suffer the chaos summoned by someone else?

How would your life look?

I think my very essence is human, before my gender, or anything else really. I bask in the beauty of being human, having the ability to think, question, act with rationale, make judgements, err in my errors and live through it all. The very idea of not having the privilege of questioning would equal stealing me away from my ability to think, evaluate and therefore be who I am. Who are we without the questions? Why should questioning be a privilege, mostly reserved to one side of our kind? Are we all not one giant collective of the same species? How can only one be granted this very prime privilege, while the other looked down upon for having this very same spirit?

How, may I ask, can dubiety be a privilege when it is the very ethos of being human?

"I can't limit my questions, I wish I could but I am glad I can't...I am, afterall, too much of a hungry human to remain contained." she replied, happily.

After all, we are all made of the same fibre and fabric on the quest of understanding all things to do with life.

From a privileged place of constant dubiety and with love,

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