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The See-Saw Journey

“We've got Life, Lemons, and Reasons – to define the ups, downs and in-betweens when logic, religion or circumstances don’t offer reasoning enough."

Shut your eyes (not right now please); imagine your creme-de-la creme cart of memories that you have had so far. A flawless report card, your first kiss, the smell of the soil when it rains, discovering a song that you can hear on loop, a promotion (especially when it comes with a raise), a new friendship, making people you love proud or a life changing hello.

Whether you are a toddler, teen or twenty something year old; from the start up to the very finale of this gloriously swiveling lifecycle, the power-pull between virtuous and wicked, highs and lows, happy and sad, is legit real.

Being the creatures that we are, we are wired in a pattern that disables us to feel a certain emotion for too long, because that would make us stagnant (which we specialize at not being); at the same time, while we have a driving conscious to do the right thing, or be good, let’s face it – we have more than our weak moments.

However, getting to the crux of this piece, while, theoretically we are aware of the yin and yang; nonetheless put into a abysmal situation that seems to only be depleting, most of us would ponder in self-pity and question – Why me? Why now? How is this happening to me? Why not him/her? Will I survive this? A bad phase always feels like quicksand that, often we feel the need to be rescued out of. I personally, have had this observation, as I am sure a lot of you possibly have; when conditions get problematic until they have found their way to ultimate below-the-rock-rock-bottom, life gives you a series of heads-up – you just didn’t acknowledge them at that point – or were in denial. These series of events have a way of charmingly following the domino effect, making the entire situation from, bad to worse to worst, to the point where you are on your knees, praying for a force to please make it stop.

Be it a bad day at work, a crucifying assignment that has got to submitted within an unreasonable timeframe, a mind-numbingly boring or an overly challenging job, a difficult day with your partner, an ended marriage, a loss or just pure unhappiness within yourself – all of these elements, drive a corruption in our minds, confidence, and even souls, little by little, pulling these negative momentums and growing until we have hit that one big bang explosion.

These series are an indication, piece by piece, readying you to face the worst, only for you to actually just take charge, clear it all off, and finally rearrange things the way you would like for them to be. While, it may feel like we have zero control over a lot of situations, every passing day, that we are aware of it, and try to shuffle areas in our lives around, even by a pintsize, we are in the process of building up another momentum, which is on its way, advancing to us as we move forward to it.

As I sit here, sipping on my chai, reflecting on those times, I can’t help but be tickled at the pattern of it all. Ludicrously, it does make me even giggle. All of those bad days, aches, losses; It all eventually worked out for the best in the end – or until where I am right now… We didn't question the good, the great and the amazing things that happened to us - instead we basked in the highs.

I believe, that every bad day, phase, month and even series of years, have a reason – it’s building you, toughening you, teaching and molding you to truly relish the deliciousness of the good day, or phase that’s on its way to you. That reason that isn’t answered by logic, religion and circumstances, I like to address it as Growth, and the constant teacher, and friend through this reason, walking with you hand in hand, by your side religiously, is Time.

So for the next time, when you spot that charming bad day approaching your way, buckle up, and embrace the feeling that is of being in the lows of life’s see-saw; growth, time and life are imploring you to get-up-and-go back hard so you can just as quickly be back on the highs of its see-saw.

With love,

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