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A Ballad That is Prateek Kuhad

"When I feel cold, I'll keep you close." - and I promise, I always will.

For those that have heard his melodies, have undoubtedly felt him; for those that haven't yet, I am envious of the very first time you'll experience him.

His poetry blankets me with the sweet memoirs of the past and fills my spirit with faith for the future, so here I am with my scribbles, doodling a verbal applause for him, using his words to my aid.

Dear Prateek, these aren't a 100 words, but I hope a few will do, they aren't songs for you, but they have gotten me right to you.

Kasoor for arranging a sweet rendezvous between my heart and unrestricted wide-eyed reveries of the past. 

Oh Love for being reminded of eternally wooing a love that could never arrive, because the heart has reasons, that reason doesn't know of.

Holding On for being a tune that sketched a journey that felt too close to home, with me and mine.

Into The Night for recalling that reliable judgment of your intuition of when it knows, it lets you know.

Ab Hoga Kya for actualizing that we'll never know what's up life's sleeve, and most of the time, the beauty is plainly not knowing.

Pause for reminding me, the beauty of staying still with the one you love, to do justice to the moment before it fleets off, to the next.

100 words for being that nostalgic tête-à-tête with a bruised heart, and a bitter-sweet unfulfilled love that never gave up.

Tum Jab Paas for expelling perfumed romance in whiffs of breeze.

Dil Beparwah for swaying in agreement to my heart's indecisively stubborn rhythm.

Tune Kaha for exclusively describing every glorious moment spent, and the countless to come with, Naren, the love of my life. 

Two days ago, I, fortunately, stumbled on a video of him performing live very recently in Bombay; my heart experienced an unwavering smile, with a lump tightening my throat at the same time.

For the ones that aren't under his spell yet, I urge to acquaint you to him here:

No words formed out of the twenty-six alphabets can ever attempt to express the emotion felt at 22.06 minutes, brace yourself before you get to it.

I find myself seized, and wholly entangled in his verses and sonnets, the sentiments and nostalgia, amidst his poetry and libretto, somewhere between his strings, and keys, I am left with nothing short of being awestruck In his Tokens & Charms.

Dear Prateek, you are a ballad that emerged by the dint of countless symphonies. 

Kho Gaye Hum Kaha?  

With love, and musings,

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