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Connect The Dots

This one wasn't entirely easy to put down, but here I am, forcing myself to pen down one of the gazillion musings I have in a day.

I am currently at the eve of the end of a glorious four-day-long weekend.

How was I ending it? Laying in the balcony, looking up at gorgeously fluffy clouds and loving every second of the near-winter sun touching my skin. Naren and I had had a ridiculously heavy lunch at this little café called Overdose, which was true to its name, so while he worked out, I lay still.

I thought to myself, "What is tomorrow going to look like?"

Almost instantly, I watched my tomorrow visually pan out in my mind.

Wake up. Scroll through socials. Coffee. Work. Eat. Unwind with Netflix. Eat again. Sleep. Wake up the next day and do it all over again.

I love it...for now.

Of course, it provoked me to reflect on dailies as a concept and change without realisation.

Sometimes, we do things that we have been doing out of habit since we were children, and others appeared while we were growing up - whether they are a result of our evolving personalities, our circles, situational, professional or anything else.

We're so adaptive and ever-receptive to developing these routines that they become deeply embedded in our practices without realising it.

Of course, there are those in-betweener celebrations, festivities, birthdays, holidays and the works that break the cycle but aside from those - we've pretty much been programmed to wake up and do our dailies, just like we have always done.

Until we are put in a melting pot.

What's the melting pot? That constant unwelcomed-at-first-but-loved-later friend, change.

So why am I writing about something that we all are obviously aware of?

Well…because we often forget to connect the dots. Hold on, stay with me; I am getting to the crux of this in just a few words.

Speaking of a few words, a close friend and a fellow copywriter recently told me that we should edit copy as carefully as creating a wedding guest list, i.e. only insert a word if it is genuinely needed. This is me blatantly, I might add, not paying any heed to his advice because it's my blog and the time you chose to spend with me, haha.

Anyway, getting back to connecting those magical dots in the duration of our ever-stagnant yet changing dailies. Have you noticed how life leads you from one place to another, whether romantically, emotionally, professionally or otherwise, almost fluently? You might love or hate the change, or you might feel both with no change, but whichever side it is, as humans, we get bored quickly.

I mean, think about it…

When we were in school, we had a fixed set of friends. Maybe the inclination to academically pursue studying something in particular. Or a specific first-crush that felt like love and eventually would lead to a happily ever after, obviously.

1 year later.

Different friends. Different inclination and interests. Different love interests. Completely different norms, routines and dailies.

10 years later.

Your interest, friends, life, everything have transitioned to almost unrecognisable to what they were 10 years ago.

The obvious, "what the hell was I thinking 10 years ago?" swoops in. Why? Because how different would your life have been should you have gotten, pursued or been what you wished to be instead of what you have become?

Now take a moment to answer these questions for yourself:

What if you never built that very first routine?

Or later broke away from it?

What if you didn't have to build new routines and dailies?

What if you never met all of those people or experienced those new relationships?

What if you never had to leave that comfortable place?

What if you never were forced to change?

What if you got everything you thought you wanted?

What if life panned out in a way you thought best?

What if?

Stay in this moment and think about who you were and how far you've come. How different would your life be if you headed in the direction you desired and not the one that life took you in?

Connect all the people, relationships, decisions, situations, i.e. all those dots that got you to your blessed now.

If, by any means, you are not at the now that you wish to be at, stay patient; these are only fleeting moments in motion to get you to where you are meant to be, capiche?

This is all I'll leave you with today, a moment of reflection, gratitude, faith, and trust for the dots to lead the way.

With love and way too many words,

Stories By Giggles

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