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New-Found Rituals

If they are new-found, how are they rituals? Save it, you know I'll begin my whatnot before you even ask.

Considering that we have essentially almost reached the tenth month of 2020 (crazy, right?), I honestly think it's about time we stopped whining about what a snowball this year has been and started enjoying its quirks!

Don't you? 

Let's take a moment to draw our attention towards all the new-found rituals this year has wittily gotten us accustomed to. Think about it...would you have ever in your wildest dreams imagined a WFH situation at all, let alone an ongoing one for more than six months last October? Even more outlandish, would you have imagined partaking zoom meetings with your top half being your best-groomed self, while the remainder of the bottom half remains snug in comfy jammies?  So here I am, very candidly coming to you with my favorite 2020 rituals.

  • I love that I have now been able to count on a daily chai session with my mom and dad, in the morning after my morning calls are done. The same would go with having conversations over lunches at home as opposed to eating to get it done with while being planted in front of the screen. WFH for the win.

  •  I personally love intimate house parties over club nights. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to go to a club once this shitstorm has passed us but until when the time for that comes, house parties FTW. 

  • Online workout sessions...OMG what a pool of fabulous instructors from YouTube to pick from. I won't lie, I do miss my daily yoga sessions however the last few months have been filled with mixed workouts at home with Naren with one day being HIIT, the other being bhangra, and sometimes even yoga... how can this daily not convert into a wholly adored ritual?

  • Connecting with people, friends, family and just really connecting with them. Not your plain-Jane, small talk but genuinely connecting without any restraint.

  • Movie nights at home. Why take the effort of going to the movies, when they are coming home to you? Come on, I know you’re nodding in agreement.

  • Skin-care at its peak i.e. no daily makeup. For someone who would wear makeup every day, everywhere, I have been thoroughly enjoying how normal no makeup feels.

  • Board games have found their way back in my life. OH YES! It was about time. I have all this new-found time to sit and play Ludo, sometimes carrom, sometimes charades, and even cards. I mean, how can I not love this making a comeback?

  • Cooking to satiate cravings over eating out, or ordering takeout. Personally, I've always thought that prepping a meal consumes way too much energy, time, and just doesn't taste as good as takeout does...I have been severely proven wrong, and how! Home-cooked meals over take out any day. Experimental cookery has now become a direly loved custom.

  • Everything being delivered home. I mean...contactless and convenience like never seen before. Everything you could possibly need is online. An occasional online shopper has now converted to an avid online only.

  • More savings, and less spending. It's true, isn't it? We've begun to lead a less exorbitant life, and spend on items that are genuinely essential/needed. 

  • Investing hours after hours doing things that are enjoyable over rushing past the daily menials like a checklist. The brand-new rituals consist of daily gratitude and recognizing each day for what it has given as opposed to living just for the weekends.

  • "Let's stay at home!" is unquestionably my new favorite routine liner, and the counter of, "Do we need to go out?" for every time an outing is suggested. Haha, no jokes.

Do I miss all the whole shebang I had access to last October?  Direly! 

But there’s no denying that these new rituals have grown on me. 

When days go back to being normalised, I hope to still be practicing my 2020 rituals in addition to embracing all those prior to 2020 that now feel more and more foreign to me.

What have your 2020 rituals been? Talk to me, and tell me.

With love for her new-found rituals,

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