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A Twenty-Six Hour Day

Bonne soirée

I almost can't believe that it's soirée already. It feels like my day has only just begun & before you think it, no, this isn't one of those days where I've woken up midday and skipped out on half of it. It's the contrary, actually. My day kicked-off earlier than 9:00 am this morning, which is usually the time my alarm is prepped to be snoozed, shamelessly for no less than six times before I manage to get out of bed, but this wasn't the case today. Today, I sprung out of bed before my usual body clock is accustomed to, yet, here I am at 7:47 pm (to be precise), questioning where did the day run off to so swiftly, again?

A mental image for the ones reading: in my mind, time looks like the Running Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, I have no idea why, but it's been the case since I was a child; and honestly, the older I get, the more troublesome it gets to keep up with him. Cheeky little schemer.

Going back to where I'd started...where did the day go? I constantly find myself thinking, how incredible would it be if we had complete control over the time we have in a day, and then play, fast forward, rewind and all that we'd like to, at our fancy and will? Fast-forwarding the difficult days, rewinding to the happy ones (as cliché as it sounds), and sometimes just pausing to stay still. Don't tell me, you haven't found yourself fantasizing about it, too, I wouldn't believe you, if you said you haven't.

So, I come bearing a theory. 

What if we had the following two options that we could switch to whenever we liked. 

Eight hour days & twenty six-hour days. (I can already find you asking, would two hours really make a difference, but hold on, hear me out...)

The Twenty-six hour days for the ones you feel ecstatically happy, exceedingly accomplished, greatly loved...or maybe are just having one of those supremely no-logic lucky days. Twenty-six hour days for the days that you feel like you have too much to learn, or do, and not enough time to do all of it in, so here you go, an extra two hours for you (as the twenty-six hours keep stacking up, those two extra hours, add a lot of time to your time.) Twenty-six hour days for the days with the big fat weddings, festivals, or the nights that got converted to mornings. Twenty-six hour days for the ones for endless conversations with your friend you haven't seen in forever; or simply for a day that was so novel and uncomplicated, that you'd like for it to stay with you, just a little longer. 

The Eight hour days, for the dejected days, the tragic ones; the ones spent fighting, or being miserable, or feeling like you're on a sinking ship with nowhere to run to. The ones that felt like you were being punished for something, and made you recognize all the situations you were sorry for. The eight hour days, only to reduce the hours (and maybe the moments /emotions) spent being saddened by the loss of someone, or something, or worse, a part of yourself. The eight hour days for the days that shouldn't have happened anyway; the ones you'd be richer erasing off entirely. 

The condensed eight hour days that would essentially work as a fast-forward function, and get you quicker on the route of "Play," towards the happier, celebrated twenty-six hour day/s. 

But hold's another theory.

Would reducing the hours of a day equal to those sentiments of grief, misery, rejection, etcetera, all of that negativity be fast-forwarded too, or would it instead be transferred consequently resulting in living three miserable eight hour days, again and again, until we get ourselves feeling better? 

I resent how math crept into my uncomplicated theory of the two least in my mind, the theory was simple, as simple gets.

Going back to where I left off; I won't dull your mind with what is the concept of time, who measures it, how do we change how it is measured, and all of that.

Instead, I leave you with something simple; live a twenty-six hour day, when you want to, in fact, go ahead make it a thirty hour day, if you are feeling it. Drench yourself deep enough in those days, so you have a little more to give yourself to get by on the days you wish were an eight hour day/s. 

Bonne nuit, à bientôt,

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Ps: I have been chasing The Rabbit to be able to manage reading, writing, learning french, practicing yoga & studying. It's been plentiful, but I'm constantly chasing the Rabbit.

Hopefully he'll pause, and have a tea-party with me soon. I'll keep you posted on when that happens.

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1 Comment

Mahi Vineeth
Mahi Vineeth
Jun 08, 2020

That was a great read! So happy to have stumbled upon this :)

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