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A Letter To My Younger Self

As fromage-filled as this topic may be, last night I got thinking of all the things I wish I knew when I was younger, so here goes. A letter to my younger self with the hope to aid any other mind that wishes that they knew all that they now know, back here goes.

Dear little me,

Go ahead, take that leap and pursue Mass Communications just like you believe you should; your inner calling is this, and it will always be it. You will discover a way to make it more secure than an education in Business. You were born to tell stories and all kinds of them, so have some faith in yourself to pave your way within this domain.

Don't be so dependent on your relationships, and spend more time with yourself, and your family. The rest will change like the leaves of a tree during a shift in seasons. Focus on your roots to grow them stronger, and learn to love yourself better, and earlier.

Be kinder to Mummy and Papa. They intend the best, and they're trying as hard as they can. Be more understanding towards them, give them the benefit of the doubt, be more patient with their ideologies. Spend more time with them, that's all they will ever want from you.

Value those few individuals that give you stick for your bad decisions, and sting you with their words. They are your true constants, and they will always be. Don't fall for the friends that always sprinkle sugar; they don't really care about you, and they never will.

The universe has a plan; trust that it does and follow the route that it's showing you to. Listen to your instincts, they are your closest connection to the universe's voice.

There is a massive distinction between friends and acquaintances. Please understand, and drill that in.

Your circle will keep getting smaller as you grow older, and you will learn to be okay with it. In fact, you will question why it was as big as it was in the very first place.

Don't be in a rush to grow up. Adulting sucks, big time! Enjoy your now, and worry about grown-up things when you're actually a grown-up. Oh FYI, you'll never stop feeling like a child trapped in a swiftly ageing body, not even at thirty-one.

Even when you're a fully grown adult, you might have moments, where you feel lost, empty, alone, vulnerable, with absolutely no idea where you're heading, or what you're doing. Just like you keep feeling now. It's totally normal, and it might always be. Trust the universe, it'll take you where you're meant to be.

Channelize your angst better, don't bottle it all in. It'll keep growing like a fiery ball within you.

Spend more time doing all the things that you wish you could, or knew how to, and never ever stop doing them. Learn to love yourself, befriend yourself and keep watering your insides. Nobody other than you can do this for you to fill that void in.

Stop having a petty rivalry with your sister, share your things with her, keep reminding her of how wonderful she is. She will grow to be the one person who can read you better than anyone else. She will be your best friend. P.S.: To the seven-year-old me, thank you for only almost strangling this precious creature.

You're a whacky oddball with an ever-changing fashion sense. You will love the journey of your style experimentation, and expressing your personality/mood/feel through what you wear, and how you wear it. Own it!

Keep reading endlessly, and lose yourself amid those pages. Don't ever get rid of that giant collection of encyclopaedias, or your collection of Enid Blyton's, and The Harry Potter series or Sidney Sheldon's. Don't rid yourself of all of your books. They were your first friends.

Not all groups, people and cliques are for you. There will be times that you will be out of place and a complete misfit. That is completely okay. You will eventually find your humans, or rather, they will find you.

Never stop studying, even after university. Your mind has always loved it, and it will continually need that exercise. You have always had a yearning for mental stimulation and that won't stop at any age you arrive.

Shut out that self-doubt, and have a little more faith in yourself.

Never say never; the universe will find a way to make sure you are compelled to do it and surprise you by enjoy doing the thing you said never to. It's a blessing in disguise, so never say never!

Be proud of yourself, and your accomplishments. If you're always going to be hard on yourself, you won't be able to enjoy your successes fully. You're meant to enjoy the journey you are at, not be in a rush to keep chasing the White Rabbit.

You will at all ages, love Alice In Wonderland, and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory along with Harry Potter, and all things fantasy.

Remind yourself that it's okay to start over, and it's okay to make mistakes. They have happened to you for a reason.

You will not be loved by everyone, and sometimes you won't even be liked. You have to grow to be okay with it because it really is okay. It's not in your nature to be a people pleaser, and it probably will never be.

It will be a painful course to maintain your rarity, more and more as you grow. It will be a lonely path if you're stubbornly set in your ways. It will sometimes make you question why you're so set in your ways, but there will be those occasional glimpses of celebrating your uniqueness. Cling on to those glimpses, and find your way to them more often.

Not everyone will understand you, but remember, not everyone has to.

Practice gratitude, and remind yourself of all the good during the hard times.

Never stop trying. Remind yourself to keep swimming because that's the only way Papa's taught you to get through it all. Tackle the hardest problem first, so the easier problem is a cakewalk.

Be kind to others and mostly to yourself.

It will take great patience to acquire the art of being patient.

Give time, some time.

There's plenty more I'd say to a younger version of me but I will pause here for today.

With love,

A version of me that's younger than what I'll be tomorrow,

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