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Catch Twenty-Six

We were children when we were first introduced to them; now, let's find our way into catching them. Acquainting you with my happiest munchies via our ABC's.

How many from the below are yours, too?

Art. Appreciating and appreciations. Adventure sports. Armrest chairs, yes I'm getting old.

Beaches. With its majestic alluring traits like grains of sand in your toes, the smell of its salty ocean inviting all for careless stillness, shells, and sandcastles accessorized all over the coast, amidst its enigmatic waves diverging tune. Ofcourse, there are those overloaded Breakfasts, drunken Brunches and how can I miss out Bubble Baths?

Chai. Nothing else with the letter C makes me as happy as chai does. Chai isn't just a warm beverage, it's a celebration of an emotion. An emotion for those that feel it slide into their very spirit, activating their oomph at the first sip.

Date nights. Dinners. Drinks. Desserts. Decadence. Disneyland. Documentaries. Drives.

Eiffel tower, and eureka moments of the inception of ideas that sneak up on you. Experiences. An added recent catch twenty-six moment for me, Engagements. Whoop!

Freshly brewed coffee, during those work mornings; or even better, with friends over conversations that converted evenings into nights.

Games. Board games, sports games, word games, pencil-paper games, card games, singing games, guessing games, truth or dares, drinking games and of course my favorite, The Radio Game.

Harry Potter. Lumos maxima!

Icecream & Indulgence of everything that revolves around your Catch Twenty-Six!

Jellybeans of every color, and flavor.

Kisses and Kulfi...keep 'em coming! KK overload.

Love. Life without its lemons. Ladoos, the motichoor kind. Long walks. Lucky pennies. Lazy Fridays. Laughter so contagious that gets you laughing. Love letters.

Momster. Movies and Midnight in Paris. Music. Magic. Macaroons. Obviously, manicures, french tipped, please.

Naren Sunil Mansukhani. Need I say more?

Online shopping. Even better, when it comes with the added promo code/seasonal sale, and on the Bath & Body Works website.

Papa and Piku, the movie. Perfumes. The aroma of a perfume you used, at a certain age, and the beauty of a whiff of it has on you, of transporting you back to what that version of you felt, or were like. Pencils and the scent of the shavings when you sharpen them. Paris. Polaroids and Photographs, the kind that you can physically hold and have only a single copy of. Not forgetting, Positive-tea (see, everything good, comes with a side of chai.)

Quiet stillness.

Romance. Old school & classic. The love letters type of romance. The sharing earphones to listen to the same song at the same time, type of romance. The holding a door open, and shedding his jacket off to layer you warm, type of romance. The quotum of an umbrella, on a rainy day, and long walks type of romance. The holding your hand and squeezing it randomly, type of romance.

Summers. When the evenings are longer, the air smells beachier, the sunsets are pinker, the nightfall is dewier. Smiles from strangers, in a season with an unrestricted color palette, along with any time being cocktail hour. How can I not mention Stories?

Timetravel fantasies, and trampoline workouts.

Ukulele, because everything miniature is automatically cuter. I am yet to get around learning to strum it, but just seeing it stand by my window sill, makes me so happy.

Vintage, all things. Videos, the candid ones. Vanity, in the right symmetry. Vampire Diaries, yesssss please! Vacations, once the travel restrictions are off, please.

Waffles. Not only the sugary ones, but the golden savory crispy, potato ones too with a generous dollop of sour cream.

Xoxo i.e. hugs, kisses and love, and so much of it. Hey, don't roll your eyes, you try finding a happy catch with the letter x.

Yellow. Who can argue on yellow being downright undeniably perfect? Bright yellow, pastel yellow, lime green-yellow, lemon yellow, the smiley yellow, and the rickshaw yellow, down to mustard yellow, and how can we not talk about the uncountable sunset shades of it? Even the dullest tinge of it is brilliance (yes, pun intended.) It's a notch higher, if I manage to team up yoga on yellow, by yellow, listening to Yellow...haha, I just had to.

Zoom; but only currently, making catching up with everyone that's so thoroughly missed, so much easier.

There you go; a fully grown adult reacquainting herself the ABC's, in collaboration with her inner child, drafting a listicle and hopefully, leaving you with a smile as I conclude my Catch Twenty-Six.

Go on, find a moment, and begin listing yours.

With love and gratitude,

Stories By Giggles

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