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"It Was Lovely Playing With You..."

I can almost remember the day like it was yesterday.

The way the air smelled, and the frenzy I felt as I raced in late, for the very first time that we met. I remember the very first exchange of looks, questions and expressions that were drenched with curiosity while shielding the irritation; there she sat, squeezed in her little cubicle hidden behind her towering brown desk, and fashioned in a collared navy shirt. We concluded that very first conversation with, "let's give it a try," without having the daintiest idea of the depth of the affairs, and rollercoaster journey to follow.

I can almost remember it like it was yesterday.

The days turned to months and months to years, with these two girls out on a mission - starkly apart, yet managed to find that common ground. One who was always late, and one always before time. One who who'd say no without blinking an eye, and the other saying yes religiously. From daily morning lattes to everyday outfit chatter, from sporadic frustration releases about the kind of people we deal with, to, "don't disturb me, I'm too busy." From, "I don't agree with you," to "we make a such a great team." From taking other people's fun seriously to ensuring ours still remained uncompromised. From, "Yallah let's do it," to, "I can't believe we did it." From sketching logos to painting furniture - laboriously accelerating towards one common desire. From laughing endlessly on banter that only the two of us understood to silently exchanging judgmental glances at each other.

The people around us changed, just like seasons did but without it being stated, the partnership between the two of us persisted along, silent, strong and resilient through thick and thin. Of course, we fought, disagreed, and sometimes didn't even look at each to talk (except maybe secretly we did, from the corner of our eyes), but somewhere deep inside, we knew we'd get past it. Just like we always did.

I remember those days like it was yesterday, the days that were spent together after hours, and during. Hours spent discussing, and adorning, embellishing the special celebrations, and moments of the people that approached us. I remember all of the special ones, and further remember the ones that we both together despised. From pulling off the usual to really reaching for the extra extraordinary; from sharing the highs with the lows, the disagreements and the tears, the laughs and the fights, the yeses and the nos, the regrets and the learnings, the mistakes and battles... this could go on endlessly.

45,192 hours, 1883 days, 269 weeks, and 20% of my existence i.e., 5.5 years of life, profoundly painted by those five words:

"Let's give this a try."

There are those relationships that depart leaving you feeling that it was about time...and there are those that conclude with you feeling grateful for them to have found you when they did.

Thank you for the memories, and the years. The time, and the trust. The highs, and the lows. The experiences and the laughs. Together we grew, together we bloomed, and together we always will be.

Just in our very different ways.

Let's give this a try?

With love, and an ocean of nostalgia,

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