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Tomorrow has arrived today. Time refuses to stay.

Usually, it takes a lifetime to understand why life and time have been bound together. Very rarely, all it takes is a split second to learn how tightly they have been attached.

So I come forward today with a simple thought...much like I always do.

We have always yearned to get something out of our time living our life as we live it, haven't we? We constantly believe that our time is ours, much like our life is and, so we go on living, planning, our tomorrows or five years later and the works. We pen our little plans in the delirious illusion of imagining what the future should pan out like.

In parallel, life decides what it wants to do with time, again and again. Life calls the shots and decides on much more can it get out of time - year on year. Time decides when it wants to let ;ife steer the way in due term. While the two play out their beautiful partnership, we are left holding on to the fantasy that we're driving each in the direction that we desire them to.

But let's pause for a second to think...what does life want out of us? What does time want out of life? What do they want from each other, and what do they each, life and time, want for us and from us?

Confusing, isn't it? Are you calling the shots, or is life? Or has time been the biggest boss of all? Who, in this trifecta equation, is really in charge? Life, time or the one that has been blessed to have both?

In the last thirty-something years of my existence, I've almost always resisted change—every single time. In my defence, I always thought I knew better - "I am the master of my ship," and all of that stubbornly played in my mind. So there I always stood, unmoving and unwelcoming to every new change that life and time presented my way, playing a not-so-friendly game of tug-of-war.

It's safe to say that I've so far been thankful for every single well-timed change that has come my way.

Going back into my musing of who's really in charge in this trifecta equation, I'd have to say that it has got to be time. Yes, I know, it's because of life that we do have time, but in the end, all it takes is just a microsecond for time to decide for life.

In the last few weeks, I've witnessed a lot of young lives running out of time way too young, so today, I'll leave you with just a simple thought.

What would you do if today was your last living day? How would you spend your time? What would you say, and who would you say it to? What would you do for yourself and the ones you love? How would you spend those precious final moments?

It feels too final, doesn't it?

We've been blessed with an unreturning, precious pair of resources. Don't wait an entire lifetime to realise you could have spent them better or wish for a do-over. Don't wait or waste an entire lifetime to say what you want to, do what you want to or be who you want to be.

While the only way to live life is to trust the course it's navigating you to, don't take time for granted - you never know when it decides to just simply be done.

Enjoy their beautiful partnership and appreciate everything they present your way.

With love and an immense amount of gratitude,

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