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The Power Of Your Dreams

It’s been a while since I last found some time to scribble down my thoughts, so here I finally am, pausing from my chase of the White Rabbit, to doodle away.

I come today to tickle a thought on dreams, yours and mine. We use this word so casually, but I often wonder, what are they even made of? Not actual blood, sweat and tears… unless they are? Where do they come from? When do they first come from? Are they desires or aspirations? Are you worthy of them, or are they just whims of an inventive mind? How do you know you're getting closer to achieving them, and how do you know if you’re possibly even living them? How? 

Afternoon naps have been foreign to me, but about two weeks ago, in broad daylight, I fell victim to it. OH YES, and I am not even shy to admit it. A couple of hours later, I woke up having no clue on how this could have happened, but the afternoon nap wasn’t the only one-off that happened that day. I woke up with a start because of a dream that felt too real. Real like, I felt my senses and physical self-reacting as reflexes to the dream. The second one-off was that I could remember every little detail of that dream.

Did you know that 95% of dreams are forgotten, despite the human mind dedicatedly dreaming for two hours daily? Yes. Fact and fact...and yet they say, “dream on, little dreamer.”

Going back to this dream... I could remember every little detail, feel every emotion down to my bone and I couldn't help but wonder, what's the power of my dreams? Do they find their way to me, or do I find my way to them?

If the essences of the ones that you dream up, subconsciously are powerful enough to make you sense, taste, feel them, how influential can they be if you consciously get yourself to believe in them every day?

Think about it. I am not nudging on using those repeated positive affirmations. I'm simply stating that what if, all of your beliefs and thoughts were to be channelized into believing that you are on your way to where you imagine yourself to be...what if that very repeated subconscious vision gets you to finally living your dream? Think about where they came from, and reflect on how you're going to explore finding that path to getting closer to them. Keep imagining you're doing all that you would as if you're already living that dream. Of course, I don't mean for you to not work towards it, and only use your energy manifesting it. Work towards it. Believe that it is finding its way to you like you're finding your way to it.

Compel your mind, body and soul to believe it's coming.

After all, if a subconscious dream can activate your senses, think about the power that your conscious mind encompasses. I could leave you, and you me with this being a minute's read...or I could hopefully influence you to think of repeatedly manifesting those dreams. 

Will they find their way to you, or will you find your way to them? You decide.

With love, and unwavering dreams,

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